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June 22, 2010

Point-blank Questions 2

Travis Reed has posted another video from our March conversation, this vignette just a bit over a minute long. In this video we interact about the practice of leadership.

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Grant Wood

Great that you're blogging again. You are missed here. Hope you, Mimi and the kids are enjoying your story together. -Grant

Nigel Cottle

Good stuff, just imagine how much better this vid would have been if you had filmed it at CRAVE cafe :)

Adam White

Would you say that by being present to people you are leading them? Or is this more for the people who have the title "Leader"?

I would think that for most of us, there is no declaration "You are leader"; but I think we could take your comments to say, being present to people is being a leader. Presence is leadership?

Tim Keel

Hi Grant! Great to hear from you, brother. We miss you, and everyone so much. Saw through Deth's twitter updates that you all ran another marriage retreat. That is so exciting. Thanks for serving the church that way. It is so important!

Tim Keel

Without question, Nigel, the video would have been better at Crave. We'll make sure that happens next time around. Hope you're well.

Tim Keel

Hi Adam - great questions. Here's what I think: to be "present" is fundamental to our humanity, which is also why it is so hard: being human is hard work. You may be right that presence is leadership. Certainly presence is influence. Further, in a human system where there is little presence anyone who is present is likely to find themselves in an influential position, i.e., leadership. Regardless, I do know that the opposite is true: without presence there is no true leadership.

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