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January 01, 2010

A New Year's Post & Prayer

11.jpgI don't think I have often re-posted an earlier blog entry, but I recently came across this post from two years ago that I really like. It involves a New Year's prayer, a way of beginning the new year by welcoming Christ at it's advent. Here is the content of the original post:

In my sermon yesterday, "The Opening Door" (January 7, 2008),I made use of a New Year's prayer my wife found in the book "Celtic Daily Prayer: Prayers and Readings From the Northumbria Community." We love this prayer book, in fact, you can find the daily office and readings online here if you are so inclined.

A lot of people asked me for the prayer we prayed so I thought I would make it accessible here. Enjoy.

This day is a new day
that has never been before.
This year is a new year,
the opening door.

(Open the door of your home)

Enter, Lord Christ -
we have joy in Your coming.
You have given us life,
and we welcome Your coming.

I turn now to face You,
I lift up my eyes.
Be blessing my face, Lord;
be blessing my eyes.
May all my eye looks on
be blessed and be bright,
my neighbours, my loved ones
be blessed in Your sight.

You have given us life
and we welcome Your coming.
Be with us, Lord,
we have joy, we have joy.
This year is a new year,
the opening door.
Be with us, Lord,
we have joy, we have joy.

Happy New Year. May your 2010 be filled with life and love the presence of God in both known and unknown ways.

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Dawna J. Grigsby

Thanks for sharing this again, as it is my first time to read it. What a lovely and meaningful tradition. Makes me want to set an extra chair at my table too, just in case He can stay.

Mark Wampler


Just bought my ticket for the Wheaton conference in April with Mr. N.T. Wright. Are you planning on being there?

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