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September 02, 2009

The Mystery of Faith

I have had three books I have been slowly, meditatively making my way through over the last couple of months. I am finishing each of them up this week and I am the richer for it. This is a quote that I read this morning from Richard Rohr's Quest for the Grail - a book that employs the myth of the Holy Grail as a paradigm for the masculine spiritual journey.

"The mystery of faith is mythologically presented. Christ has died; therefore at least half of life will be absurd, unjust, painful, will make no sense to ego-consciousness. And Christ has risen; therefore half of life is beautiful, ecstatic, and sweet. This living and dying, good and bad, is all around us. It's the death and life we see everywhere in nature. Christ has died, Christ has risen - the inexorable wheel. Don't try to stop it, get on it. It's the dance. You ride it. You trust it. You trust the dying. You trust the rising. You live the dying. You live the rising. And Christ will come again and again and again. We cannot and we must not get off the wheel. Christianity is not about being 'good'; it's about solidarity with Christ in both journeys: death and resurrection - again and again."

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I love this and feel as if it a meaningful Christian response to absurdity. It is so not about being 'good'. And that is so Good.

zac Workun

i find this really powerful especially if we allow the third phrase from the chant "Christ will come again" over and over we sing of the death life and hope and we are navigating a meaningful existence in between


whew. this is rich. i definitely need to read this book in full.


A remarkable concept that mirrors the manner our physical body operates. Cells die and cells are born. It's not surprising our Designer would use such a fundamental process.

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