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June 11, 2008

The Work of the People

Img 0973I had a real surprise today.

Beth came to my office and informed me that Travis Reed had just stopped by to say hello. Last time I saw Travis we were in Rwanda. Travis lives in Houston. What the heck?

Turns out Travis was in Kansas City on a job. He had a 30 minutes to kill before he flew out and so he stopped by to say hi. Travis makes films. He is also a freak. Seriously.

I met Travis in Rwanda (pictured below with us at the "Hotel Rwanda") among a group of people that are doing in Central America what Amahoro is doing in Africa and Emergent Village is doing in North America. This community is called La Red del Camino (this merits a post of its own). I am not sure why those guys were letting Travis hang out with them, but it probably has something to do with the fact Travis is part of a group of people that have been at work creating what he calls a global liturgy using film, music, etc. They call this The Work of the People.

Img 2774-2Perhaps you know that the word "liturgy" comes from the Greek word leitourgia, translated "the work of the people." Thus worship and the way we create space to worship is literally the work of the people.

JW people are familiar with one piece of Travis's work. We used the video he created about the Advent Conspiracy and his community's (Ecclesia) participation with Living Water to bring fresh water to Chacocente, Nicaragua. They are the community that lives in the town dump. We edited the long version down to four minutes and you can see it here.

Check out The Work of the People website. They have some amazing participants and creative pieces. Check out Travis's blog post about his time in Rwanda: Rwanda Friends. It will give you a sense of what a good, strange man he is.

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holy cow. travis! i haven't seen him in ages! last i saw him was at greenbelt in england in 03. oh wait- he was at the doxology exhibit in houston, too. he's definitely a freak.

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