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April 20, 2005

Pretty Much the Awesomest OS ever


Thanks to sco for this.

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sweeet. yesssss.

jon myers

i need a flippin mac, gosh!


Steve jobs only hires people with skills.

you ever take it of any sweet jumps?


Tim, you may think you're down with Macs, but you're still new to the game - I can tell. See Steve Jobs and I go way back. He's pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me. We're soulmates. But I'm kind of TO'ed that he hasn't sent me a full body-shot yet.

lilly lewin

tim, i had to take the lap top in for repairs...the guys at the genius bar at mecca (the local mac store)loved the pic!
thanks for sharing.

daniel greeson

Is that you on Biblical Seminary's homepage? under connect? with your Mac?

Tim Keel

Yep, that's me Daniel.


Have you seen this yet, Tim?




If its so awesome, why won't it run on anything other than a PowerPC chip?


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